Bonded Lightning Protection

System 2000

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Commercial Lightning and Surge Protection in Florida

The potential for losses due to equipment damage, business interruptions and personal injury caused by lightning can be a huge expense for companies. However, a properly installed lightning protection system can minimize this threat to your business. In Florida, all government buildings, schools, hospitals, airports, prisons and assisted living facilities are required by law to have a lightning protection system in order to protect the structure from the destructive forces of lightning...shouldn't you do the same?

System 2000

Bonded Lightning Protection can help to eliminate your risk of lightning damage by designing and installing a lightning protection and surge protection system to meet your company's needs. As an industry leader with more than 32 years experience, our installation process and materials (Conventional System) comply with nationally recognized safety standards of Underwriters Laboratories and the National Fire Protection Association.

We offer two types of lightning protection systems for commercial and industrial structures.

System 2000 - Conventional Lightning Protection System

These are the primary components of a lighting protection system which work together to prevent lightning damage to your structure:

  • Air terminals (rods)
  • Conductor (cable)
  • Bonds to metallic bodies
  • Ground terminations
  • Surge arresters
Don't Forget the Surge Protection!

A professional lightning protection system protects your structure, but what about all of the expensive electronic equipment your company uses? Harmful electrical surges can enter your building through power lines, communication lines and other utility lines. Our qualified lightning protection specialist can make recommendations and install surge protection that is tailored to meet your company's needs and protect your valuable electronic equipment. For more information, please visit our Surge Protection page.