Bonded Lightning Protection

Protecting People, Property & Assets®

Lightning Protection

It’s not optional.

It’s not the house.

It’s these two.

It’s not the equipment.

It’s the life.

It’s not the course.

It’s this guy.

It’s not the building.

It’s the work.

It’s not the barn.

It’s the bond.

We didn’t read the book.

We wrote the book on lightning and surge protection systems in Florida.

With origins dating back to 1892, Bonded Lightning was founded in Florida in 1973. Family owned and operated since its inception, the company services homes and businesses in all of Florida, the Caribbean and the southeastern U.S. through strategically located, hyper-local offices in Tampa, Tallahassee and Jupiter, Florida.

As leaders within the industry, Bonded Lightning’s team members serve in positions of consequence, driving legislation and advocating for logical, practical, mandated lightning and surge protection. From lightning rods for home, to surge protection for commercial buildings, our team of protection experts will protect what is important to you. Currently, the state of Florida mandates lightning protection systems for hospitals, schools and nursing facilities. No matter the structure, home or business, what state law does not mandate, prudence does.  

For four generations, Bonded Lightning Protection’s mission remains unchanged:
Protecting People, Property & Assets.

Since 1973

“Saved my house from damage! I lost my tree out front, but everything was safe in my house. I highly recommend this outstanding company.”

–Jean Peters