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Lightning and Surge Protection for Winter Haven Residents

We’ve all heard the term “you have a better chance of being struck by lightning than winning the lottery” and in Winter Haven and all throughout Florida those odds are very true. In the state of Florida you, your home, or your business has a 1 in 614,759 chance of being struck. The further south you go, the more those odds increase.

Lighting strikes are not something to play with. Carrying around a 100 million volts of electricity per strike they can rip through buildings, explode concrete and brick, ignite fires, and even disturb steel. A strike can enter a building through a direct hit or even a communication, utility, or power line with devastating effects.

Bonded Lightning Protecting Winter Haven Homes and Businesses from Lightning Strikes

Thankfully Bonded Lightning Protection is here to help. With an impressive resume and over 40 years in business, they’ve been protecting against lightning for a long time. Consider your residential or commercial lightning needs and what it could do to your wallet to be without protection. Bonded Lightning Protection has serviced the White House (yes, that White House) as well as many of the government buildings, schools, hospitals, airports, and retirement homes in your communities. Florida, by law, requires all those buildings/business to have lightning protection in place. If it’s good enough for the President, it’s good enough for you!

Bonded Lightning Protection is proud to have opened a new West Coast location for our skilled LPI certified specialists and Conventional Lightning Protection Systems to best serve residents of Winter Haven. We are located at 333 Falkenburg Road, Unit D-401, Tampa FL 33619.
Bonded Lightning Protection is proud to be extending service to Winter Haven, Florida and surrounding communities. If you live in:

Eagle Lake, Wahneta, Aubundale, Lake Alfred, Inwood, Lake Wales, Waverly, Dundee, Lake Hamilton, Davenport, Homeland, Wolfok

or look for our Tan Trucks and call the office now for a consultation: 813-530-0020.

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Winter Haven Lightning Protection

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Winter Haven Surge Protection

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