Bonded Lightning Protection

North Florida / Georgia / Alabama

Bonded Lightning Protection (850) 765-8633 1505 Capital Circle NW, Unit B Tallahassee , FL 32303

1505 Capital Circle NW, Unit B Tallahassee , FL 32303

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Bonded Lightning Protection, Tallahassee

1505 Capital Circle NW, Unit B
Tallahassee, FL 32303

(850) 765-8633

Bonded Lightning is proud to provide lightning and surge protection services to customers in the Tallahassee and Panama City area, along with the states of Georgia and Alabama.

If you are a homeowner, business owner or property manager, contact us today to ensure your building has LPI-certified lightning protection. We provide not only lightning protection, but also the ground systems, surge protection and suppression services that your building needs.

Each state has its own regulations with respect to lightning protection and the buildings on which it’s required. We believe in protection beyond what’s mandated by law. All buildings should be fully protected in the event of a lightning strike. Without it, the risks are too great.

Lightning Protection and Ground Systems

There are two ways we ensure you receive the best lightning protection for your home or business. First, we use only LPI-certified equipment; and second, all our specialists are fully certified to provide, install and service such equipment.

General contractors and electricians generally have minimal experience, if any at all, installing lightning protection equipment. Trust Bonded Lightning to do the job correctly.

Power Surge Protection and Suppression

The first step in being fully protected is having a proper lightning and ground system setup for your home or business. But this element is often not enough since the lightning system protects the structural integrity of the building, but not the electrical systems inside.

Homes, businesses, hospitals, schools and industrial locations all rely on technology at an ever-increasing rate, which means many mission-critical devices are connected to the electrical grid. A lightning strike could cause an unsafe amount of electricity to pass through these devices with devastating results.

Taking advantage of Bonded Lightning’s professional surge protection equipment helps keep all electrical devices inside the building safe during a lightning event. Only the proper amount of electric current is received by individual devices, with the remainder safely diverted.

It may be true that other regions of Florida are more prone to lightning strikes, but that doesn’t mean your home or business located in North Florida, Georgia or Alabama is in the clear. Don’t risk it. Contact Bonded Lightning today.

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