Bonded Lightning Protection

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Protect the House that Protects Your Changing Way of Life.

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Florida Property Owners – Covid-19 Critical Surge Alert

State law mandates your house as the base of the entire family’s operations – work, school, life – until official notification to resume normal or conditional activity.

The critical systems, from HVAC to computers, and the appliances that power your family’s daily life, all rely on uninterrupted electrical supply.

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COVID-19 Response

…As the COVID-19 Coronavirus continues its global impact, Bonded Lightning is committed to protecting the health and safety of our customers and team members, as well as the continuity of business.
We are here to serve and support you during this time of uncertainty. Bonded project and field crews continue work uninterrupted.

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Members Only Protection

Bonded Lightning Protection has completed, or is underway on, six Costco facilities in Florida and Alabama. The projects point to a wider trend: Big box retailers’ adoption of comprehensive lightning protection systems as a life safety system and risk mitigation application. In an industry where even one hour of down time is significant, the bottom line is the bottom line….

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Damage Control

Did Hurricane Dorian produce any discernable damage to your lightning protection or surge protection system? Have you checked? If not, that’s the best help you can provide. Look at your system. Tell us if you see anything “off.” Don’t try to figure out what, exactly, is out of sort or even why.

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