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Monthly Archives:June 2017

National Lightning Safety Awareness Week June 18th – 24th

June 18, 2017

National Lightning Safety Awareness Week takes place this year, June 18th – 24th. As one of Florida’s largest and oldest professional lightning and surge protection specialists, Bonded Lightning uses the occasion to remind Florida’s residents of the serious danger lightning presents. With more than 3,500 strikes per day during Florida’s peak rainy season, the lightning danger is clear, present and frequent. Bonded Lightning President Patrick Dillon commented, “This is the perfect time to remind Floridians to be vigilant about protecting their personal safety, their pets and livestock, their property and technology assets and infrastructure, at home and in their places of work.”

Begun in 2001, National Lightning Safety Awareness Week draws attention to what the National Lightning Safety Council calls this “underrated killer.” The Council recognizes National Lightning Safety Awareness Week as a unique opportunity to provide the public with safety information about lightning….