National Lightning Safety Awareness Week

National Lightning Safety Awareness Week takes place June 23rd – 29th.  Bonded Lightning Protection urges Floridians to understand the precautions they must take when encountering lightning, an almost daily event this time of year. Going further, Bonded Lightning implores Floridians to protect themselves, their pets and the smart appliances and tech that power their homes and their lives.

“For an entire week everybody talks about the importance of staying indoors and seeking shelter during a lightning storm. And, they’re right. But, unless the structure is protected by a certified lightning protection system, you’re not protected. You’re sheltered.” Bonded Lightning President Patrick Dillon continued, “Your property and all the tech within it remain just as vulnerable to the effects of a lightning strike on or near the structure.” People and pets occupying the unprotected structure remain vulnerable as well.

Every year Florida records more lightning strikes per square mile than any other state. Last year, there were 1,385,710.  Nationally, homeowner losses due to lightning exceed $2 billion dollars annually and represent almost 5% of all residential insurance claims. “Damages range from structure fires to loss of smart and conventional appliances,” explained Bonded Lightning Vice President Mike Dillon.  “Lightning makes every, single thunderstorm a threat. We know professional, certified lightning protection systems all but eliminate that threat. You might only pull out the hurricane shutters once a year. These systems work every, single afternoon to protect structures from destructive, costly lightning damage.”