Members Only Protection

Bonded Lightning Protection has completed, or is underway on, six Costco facilities in Florida and Alabama. The projects point to a wider trend: Big box retailers’ adoption of comprehensive lightning protection systems as a life safety system and risk mitigation application. In an industry where even one hour of down time is significant, the bottom line is the bottom line.

Custom designed and installed systems protect the physical structure. Modern systems also work to protect a building’s “tech,” including operational and public-facing technology, data systems, and other essential life safety systems.

Bonded Lightning Vice President Mike Dillon said, “Our approach starts with understanding the ‘work’ the building does. We evaluate all the ways lightning can disrupt technology in operations.” He concluded, “We design and install a system to address all those opportunities.”

Bonded’s capacity to successfully deliver multi-state, multi-location projects efficiently negated the need to coordinate and retain multiple contractors.

Sometimes the most crucial public facing technology is decidedly low tech. Costco co-founder Jim Sinegal told The Seattle Times in 2009:

“We’re known for that hot dog. That’s something you don’t mess with.”