National Lightning Safety Awareness Week June 24th – 30th

National Lightning Safety Awareness Week takes place June 24th – 30th.  Bonded Lightning Protection (“Bonded Lightning”), one of Florida’s largest and oldest professional lightning and surge protection companies, reminds Floridians of the serious danger lightning poses. Summer is peak season for lightning storms. Every year Florida records more lightning strikes per square mile than any other state, making the lightning danger clear, present, and frequent. Bonded Lightning President Patrick Dillon commented, “This week amplifies our year-round message. Lightning protection is the best way to protect people, property and critical infrastructure. It’s really that simple.” He concluded, “Whether it’s Bonded Lightning or another professional provider, get lightning protection and avert the disaster altogether.”

Since National Lightning Safety Awareness Week began, U.S. lightning related fatalities have dropped from 50 per year to about 30. This is in no small part due to the growing acceptance of commercial and residential lightning protection’s efficacy. Vice President Mike Dillon commented, “At less than 1% of the total construction cost of a commercial or residential project, a professionally designed and installed system is a proven, affordable safety solution for home and business owners.”

Florida is a frontrunner in lightning safety. Bonded Lightning has been leading the evolution for 45 years. The company’s systems can be found on schools, hospitals, and homes across the state.