Bonded Lightning Protection

Fort Lauderdale Lightning and Surge Protection

Bonded Lightning is the leading provider of certified lightning and surge protection systems for buildings across the Southeastern United States and parts of the Caribbean.

Our Fort Lauderdale location services nearby cities, including Los Olas Beach, Wilton Manors, Oakland Park, Port Everglades, Hollywood and Pompano Beach.

Given the frequency of lightning events in our area, every structure should have some type of LPI-certified lightning protection system. For some buildings, it’s required by law.

Lightning Protection

With a team of well trained, certified professionals, we offer the best solutions for installing LPI-certified lightning protection and ground systems.

Homeowners and business owners are encouraged to contact us for professional lightning protection services, as general contractors and electricians do not have the proper experience or training to install these systems.

Home Lightning Protection

A modern home is not equipped to handle a direct lightning strike without a protection system in place. When left unprotected, building components, irrigation systems, security alarms, electric equipment and the home’s foundation can all be damaged by a serious lightning strike.

Our professionally designed system does not interfere with the aesthetics of your home. We custom install systems tailored to the building we are working on. Our team inspects your home to identify the best solution before starting work.

Our systems include core components such as air terminals, conductors, ground terminations and surge arresters.

Commercial and Industrial Protection

Every public building in the state of Florida must have a lightning protection system in place, including schools, hospitals and assisted living facilities. At Bonded Lightning, we also provide protection services to small and large businesses, factories, military bases and more.

Before installation, our team completes a thorough assessment of the property to understand the areas that are most at risk in the event of a lightning strike. We then create a custom solution and complete the installation.

Business owners who are hesitant to spend money on a lightning protection system should understand the consequences before making a final decision to forgo such protection. A single lightning strike can cause immense damage to a building’s structure, as well as the electrical components inside, and often delay or shut down business for our area’s restaurants, retail stores, office buildings and factories.

Surge Protection

Homes, businesses and other buildings are protected even further with surge protection and suppression. While the lightning protection system keeps the building structure safe, electronics and other electrical devices located inside are very often susceptible to damage due to electrical overloads.

Surge protection systems that are professionally installed by the team at Bonded Lightning ensure that the excess electrical current that’s present during such an event is diverted in a safe and controlled manner.

Lightning Warning System

Buildings that keep track of impending storms use Bonded Lightning’s warning system to be made aware of an approaching storm. This system affords residents and workers time to find safety or take additional precautions before the storm arrives.

The system includes an automatic alarm, 20-mile detection radius and patented technology that prevents false alarms.

For the best lightning and surge protection services in the Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas, contact us at Bonded Lightning today at (561) 746-4336.

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