Bonded Lightning Protection

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Bonded Lightning Protection (813) 530-0020 251 South 78th Street Tampa , FL 33619

251 South 78th Street, Tampa, Florida 33619, USA

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Bonded Lightning Protection, Tampa

251 South 78th Street
Tampa, FL 33619

(813) 530-0020

Bonded Lightning is the number one provider of lightning and surge protection services to homeowners, businesses, schools and military locations in the Tampa area.

Founded in 1973, Bonded Lightning is a family owned and operated business servicing residential and commercial buildings in Florida, southeastern United States and parts of the Caribbean. If your building requires lightning and surge protection, we’re the company to call.

We serve customers in Tampa, Clearwater, Brandon, St. Petersburg, Largo, Lakeland and Palm Harbor from our Tampa regional office.

Lightning Protection

Most homeowners or business owners don’t invest in lightning protection because they believe it’s an unnecessary expense. It’s not. Lightning strikes are frequent in Tampa. If lightning stikes your building without a protection system in place, it could be devastating.

Our team of certified professionals installs LPI-certified lightning protection equipment. Each member of our crew is certified and has the necessary experience to install your system safely, efficiently and correctly.

The rolling sphere method allows us to locate all the sites where lightning protection is required on a building.

Power Surge Protection

Lightning protection takes care of the outer structure and foundation of a building, but a lightning event can also cause excessive amounts of electricity to flow through your electrical system and into the electrical equipment within the building.

Bonded Lightning provides professional surge protection equipment and installation services for all types of commercial and residential buildings. Our work ensures that every appliance and device within the building is protected in the event of a lightning event.

These professional surge protection devices are designed to only allow a certain amount of electricity to flow through your system, while the remaining electrical force is safely diverted.

If your home or business in or near Tampa does not have lightning or surge protection, now is the time to contact Bonded Lightning at (813) 530-0020.

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