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Protecting People, Property & Assets

Three good reasons.

 People, Property & Assets.
Keep family safe from lightning
Golf Course Lightning Safety and Protection
Protect your valuables from Lightning Strikes

Every structure needs a LPI certified lightning protection system. Currently, the state of Florida mandates lightning protection for hospitals, schools and nursing facilities. No matter the structure, what state law does not mandate, prudence does. By providing the specified path on which lightning travels, lightning protection diverts lightning’s destructive power safely into the ground.

Bonded Lightning Protection delivers the full spectrum of lightning protection solutions.
Projects Include
  • Residential homes & estates
  • Commercial buildings & facilities
  • Stadiums & arenas
  • Golf, country & private clubs
  • Amusement & theme parks
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Prisons
  • Nursing, ALF & rehabilitation facilities
  • Military bases & facilities
  • Equine & equestrian facilities & barns
  • Municipal pools & recreation facilities
  • Bridges
  • Historic, preservation, commercial & residential trees
Lightning Protection & Ground Systems

Bonded Lightning has a team of UL-listed and LPI certified lightning protection specialists. Only companies with the requisite experience should be entrusted with specifying and installing a lightning protection system. Other contractors and tradesmen, including electricians and roofers, are not typically trained to install enhanced lightning protection systems.

We are members of the Lightning Protection Institute, United Lightning Protection Association, National Fire Protection Association, Lightning Safety Alliance and Underwriters Laboratories.


Private residences are exceedingly vulnerable to lightning damage. Metal building components, irrigation and security systems, invisible and electric fences and sensitive electronic equipment all increase the potential for lightning damage.

A professionally designed and installed lightning protection system is inconspicuous, including lightning rods for homes. In the case of new construction, the system is integrated into the home’s construction. On existing homes, Bonded Lightning custom designs and installs a system that does not compromise the home’s aesthetic.

Bonded Lightning sells and installs a variety of decorative finials that are custom crafted from start to finish.

The primary components in a system:

  • Air terminals (rods)
  • Conductor (cable)
  • Bonds to metallic bodies
  • Ground terminations,
  • Surge arresters
home residential lightning protection systems
Rolling Sphere Method

To help determine where air terminals or strike termination devices are required on a building, our designers use the rolling sphere method. Included in National Fire Protection Association document NFPA 780Standard for the Installation of Lightning Protection Systems, the method is based upon rigorous scientific research, testing with real lightning, and more than two hundred years of proven performance. Also see NFPA 780.

The rolling sphere lightning protection method assumes the electrically-charged field that produces a lightning strike has a 150 ft. radius.The designer visualizes a sphere with that radius rolling over the surface of the building. In the video below, any place the red sphere touches the building is a location where lightning can strike the building. By installing air terminals (shown in green), the sphere cannot touch the building because electrical charges flow through the lightning protection system into the ground.

image shim
Surge Protection & Suppression

A professional lightning protection system protects your structure, but what about the electronic equipment inside your home or office?

Electronics play a vital role in our day-to-day lives, including powering life safety systems and personal medical equipment. Professional surge protection is crucial to preventing their disruption and damage.

Utilizing a power strip to protect valuable appliances and electronics is at best a feel good measure. At worst, it invites the critical failure that sees these devices rendered inoperable and often damaged beyond repair. In the case of medical equipment, the potential ramifications go well beyond costly repair and replacement.

Through the use of Bonded Lightning’s surge protection, unwanted electrical energy is diverted over a safe threshold to a protective component in the surge protector itself. The surge protector then allows only a normal and safe amount of electricity to pass through your devices.

Commercial & Industrial

In Florida, all public schools, hospitals, and assisted living facilities are required by law to have lightning protection systems to guard against the destructive forces of lightning. Your building should too. Lightning has the power to tear through buildings, explode walls, disturb steel and ignite deadly fires. The cost of this damage can be enormous, not to mention deadly. The potential for losses due to equipment damage, business interruptions and personal injury caused by lightning can be a major expense for companies. A properly installed lightning protection system can minimize this threat to your business.

hospital and school lightning protection systems
Lightning Warning Systems

Real time, accurate, actionable information about approaching storms and the lightning they bring provides the opportunity to take proper precautions and to make appropriate preparations.

In open areas, including golf courses, large workplaces, arenas and stadiums, Bonded Lightning’s site-specific solutions are a key element in complete site and facility protection.

A lightning warning system effectively monitors cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning within a set radius. It provides signaling, or “warning,” at customized lightning activity thresholds. Data is communicated via a lightning-proof fiber-optic cable to an independent receiver. The receiver highlights system status, caution and alarm indicators, relays and a PC compatible output.

Bonded Lightning’s warning systems provide:

  • Fully automatic alarm triggering with user-set range categories
  • 20-mile detection radius
  • No false alarms – Patented Technology
  • Sensor and communication self-test
  • Battery powered, easily installed sensor
  • Durable fiber-optic communication
  • Lightning-proof data communication
  • Sensor enclosure
  • Lightning Data Receiver with battery-back up
  • Optional Windows®-based display software
  • Simulation Software for training & testing

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