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Lightning Protection Systems in Fort Myers

We have been in business for more than 40 years in Florida to provide quality work in lightning and surge protection. We have been installing lightning protection systems along with surge protection systems for many years and have done so for a lot of well-known and historical sites, including the White House, along with countless businesses and homes by providing the specified path on which lightning travels, diverting the lightning’s destructive power safely into the ground. As members of Lightning Protection Institute, United Lightning Protection Association, National Fire Protection Association, Lightning Safety Alliance and Underwriters Laboratories – our UL-listed and LPI certified lightning protection specialists are more than qualified to offer the amount of expertise you need when dealing with intricacies of lightning protection, unlike other contractors and tradesmen, including electricians and roofers.

In Florida, all government buildings, schools, hospitals, airports, prisons and assisted living facilities are required by law to have a lightning protection system in order to protect the structure from the destructive forces of lightning…shouldn’t you do the same?

Lightning Protection Systems for a Commercial Property

Bonded Lighting Protection has serviced the area of South Florida and now with our new location in Tampa, we extending our professional expertise in North Florida. Did you know when lightning strikes, it can pack up to 100 million volts of electricity, a bolt of lightning has the power to tear through buildings, explode walls made of brick and concrete, disturb steel and ignite deadly fires? The cost of this damage can be enormous. Many companies are not prepared for the potential loss of equipment damage, business interruptions or even personal injury caused by lightning. When having a properly installed unit by our UL-listed and LPI certified lightning protection specialists, your risk of damage from a force of nature becomes dramatically decreased.

Bonded Lightning Protection is proud and elated to now easily service all of Florida with our skilled LPI certified specialists and Conventional Lightning Protection Systems. We are located at 333 Falkenburg Road, Unit D-401, Tampa FL 33619.

Serving areas within the West Coast of Florida:

  • Bonita Springs

  • Cape Coral

  • Estero

  • Fort Myers

  • Lehigh Acres

  • Sanibel Island

So, if you are in Fort Myers or any of our service areas and you are looking for a reliable, professional, courteous and experienced company to service your residential or commercial building for lightning protection and surge protection Bonded Lightning Protection, give us a call and let us help you protect your most valuable possessions in your life, your loved ones. 

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