Bonded Lightning Protection

Miami Lightning and Surge Protection

Bonded Lightning is the leading provider of residential, commercial and industrial lightning and surge protection systems throughout the Southeastern United States and the Caribbean.

Through our locally focused office in Miami, we provide related services to customers in the Miami Beach, Coconut Grove, Hialeah, Miami Springs, Miami Lakes, Little Havana, Opa-locka, Coral Gables and Kendal areas.

Founded in 1973 in Florida, Bonded Lightning is a family owned business. We are constantly pushing the boundaries when it comes to lightning and surge protection systems to ensure that our area’s buildings are safer than ever before.

Lightning Protection

We believe there are two important elements to ensuring the protection of a faultless lightning protection system for a home or commercial building: the right equipment and a well-trained team. Our staff is trained, certified and qualified to install and service the LPI-certified lightning protection equipment used by our company.

We highly recommend that you contact us for a professional installation versus hiring a local general contractor or electrician to install an ineffective lightning protection system, as many are not trained or certified to handle such equipment.

Home Protection

In Florida, lightning protection should not be considered optional. We live in the most lightning-prone state where catastrophic damage can and does occur.

Building foundation, electrical components, security systems and other related systems are all compromised when lightning strikes.

The only trustworthy protection available on the market is the LPI-certified lightning protection system we install on homes in Miami and the surrounding areas.

Our team takes care to analyze each home and identify the areas that are most vulnerable before installing a custom lightning system.

Commercial and Industrial Lightning Protection

It’s Florida law for many public buildings, such as schools and hospitals, to have a certified lightning protection system in place, but we believe that every business should have similar protection – not just those mandated by law.

We install at, and service, all types of businesses, including amusement parks, restaurants, bars, clubs, car dealerships, factories and more.

Our installation process includes a thorough inspection, where we assess your structure(s) to determine the way your protection system should be installed for optimum efficiency, before our well-trained team gets to work on installing your custom-designed LPI-certified system.

Storm Surge Protection

While our lightning protection systems ensure that the outside of a home or commercial building remains safe and sound, there are hazards that affect interior components during a lightning strike as well. When electric circuits become overloaded from a surge, it often leads to excessive current passing through your electronic devices and appliances.

Most homes and commercial structures have sensitive electronic machinery, medical devices, appliances and other equipment that could be damaged. In the event of a lightning strike, these devices are often rendered unusable when left unprotected.

A professional surge protection system ensures that excess electricity will not overload your devices.

Lightning Warning

Bonded Lightning provides a custom warning system that alerts you to an approaching lightning storm. The system gives the building’s inhabitants sufficient time to seek shelter and make necessary arrangements before the storm arrives.

For surge protection, lightning protection or the installation of a lightning warning system in your home, business or other type of building, contact Bonded Lightning today at (561) 746-4336. Proudly serving Miami and the surrounding areas for 45 years.

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