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Lightning and Surge Protection in Sarasota

Ensuring the electrical systems are maintained in perfect operational capacity and with no hazard to individuals both in the residential and commercial establishments has been a task that Bonded Lightning has handled with exquisite professionalism over the years. The over 40 years of experience they hold has seen them install lightning and surge protectors for some of the renowned premises including the White House, Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument. Since the initial setup of the business in 1892 by Reginald DeKoven Hereford in Washington DC, the company has evolved as a family owned business with its inherited line of management and has been able to serve Sarasota, Florida effectively. In its operations in South Florida, the company has received accreditation from Underwriters Laboratories and The National Fire Protection Association. The company is also part of the Lightning Protection Institute, Lightning Safety Alliance, National Builders Association and Florida Builders Association who collectively work to ensure the safety of buildings and individuals from electrical surges and lightning.

Surge protection is one of the factors that the company has specialized in tackling with the technologically advanced suppressors and protectors. With the orientations ranging from service entrance to equipment and distribution panel protectors, internally generated or externally conducted surges are all tackled to ensure safety of electrical equipment and the users. The lightning protectors that the company provides are structured to arrest the high voltage current that may hit and damage signal, wire and communication spots on both the residential and commercial properties.

Benefits of surge and lightning protectors

Protection against equipment damage

Electrical equipment in both residential and commercial premises are normally in danger of extensive damages owing to surges in electricity and conduction of high voltage from lightning strikes. Bonded Lightning thus ensures that they are able to provide protectors that exceed industry standards with the specifications to guarantee full protection of the equipment. This not only protects users but ensures no losses are suffered in terms of the cost of replacing the equipment.

Guarding against business interruptions

When electrical surges occur or lightning strikes hit conduction systems, the aspect of business interruption is normally a worry since electrical supply ceases due to overloading which may delay business and affect normal operations. With the best quality protectors that adhere to the wiring regulations provided by the state, businesses can be guaranteed uninterrupted operations even with electrical surges and lightning voltage overloads.

Protection against personal injury

Each incident of lightning and electrical surge presents a hazard to individuals where the possibility of personal injury is greater. Surge protection and lightning protectors from the company guarantee that all the excess current, be it in AC or DC power supply systems, is effectively controlled to protect against any injury.

Serving Sarasota

The locations in which Bonded Lightning has a presence in are numerous which serves to maintain the commitment the company has to ensuring the safety of both equipment and users and they include:

  • Bradenton, Sarasota Heights, Southgate, Pinecraft, Southtrail, Kensignton Park, Siesta Key, Beverley, Terrace, North Sarasota, Hyde Park, South Sarasota, Desoto Lakes, Ridge Wood Heights, Sarasota Springs, South Gate Ridge, Bailey Hall, Sunnyland, The Meadows, Venice, South Venice

Providing Overvoltage, Earth Leakage, and Overcurrent protectors has been a specialty for us with the innovative solutions and custom protectors working to guarantee safe residential and commercial buildings.

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