Bonded Lightning Protection

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Surge Protection & Suppression

A professional lightning protection system protects your structure, but what about the electronic equipment inside your home or office?

Electronics play a vital role in our day-to-day lives, including powering life safety systems and personal medical equipment. Professional surge protection is crucial to preventing their disruption and damage.

Utilizing a power strip to protect valuable appliances and electronics from costly power surge damage is at best a feel good measure. At worst, it invites the critical failure that sees these devices rendered inoperable and often damaged beyond repair. In the case of medical equipment, the potential ramifications go well beyond costly repair and replacement.

Through the use of Bonded Lightning’s UL surge protection, unwanted electrical energy is diverted over a safe threshold to a protective component in the surge protector itself. The surge protector then allows only a normal and safe amount of electricity to pass through your home electronics and office devices.

A licensed electrician, Bonded Lightning offers residential surge protection, office surge protection and commercial surge protection for restaurants, stadiums, military facilities, condominiums, retail spaces, water treatment facilities and government properties, including:

  • Low Voltage Surge Protection
  • Cable TV surge protection
  • Fire Alarm Surge Protection
  • Camera Surge Protection
  • Card Reader Surge Protection
  • Guard Gate Surge Protection

We’d love to speak with you about preventing power surge damage in your home or business.