Bonded Lightning Protection’s New Look – Expands in Florida


Bonded Lightning Protection (“Bonded Lightning”) today announced completion of the first significant rebrand in more than 40 years. With origins dating back to 1892, Bonded Lightning was founded in Florida in 1973. The recently completed rebrand encompasses an updated logo, the defining tagline: Protecting People, Property & Assets and the new corporate website

The rebrand included a messaging audit and alignment. Bonded Lightning President Patrick Dillon commented, “The rebrand crystalized our need to shift to messaging that focuses on the benefits of lightning and surge protection.” He continued, “Strip it down to the essence and our work protects lives, property and assets. We want Floridians to understand the potentially disastrous and tragic ramifications of foregoing lightning and surge protection.” This isn’t hyperbole. Florida tops the nation for 2016 lightning fatalities. Last year, Florida led the nation with nearly 12,000 lightning insurance claims. Driving up the average cost per claim were lightning strikes to higher-end, multi-million dollar homes.

Coinciding with the rebrand, Bonded Lightning just opened a regional office in Tampa, Florida. The office allows the company to better serve commercial and residential clients in the west coast corridor. Heading the Tampa office is West Coast Division Manager and 31-year Bonded Lightning employee Kevin Ahearn.

No matter where you find Bonded Lightning, you’ll find the company’s iconic beige trucks. The largest lightning and surge protection company in Florida, Bonded Lightning counts its “ugly” beige trucks as integral to its growth and staying power over the years. Vice President Mike Dillon stated, “My father really got it right. For more than 40 years, our trucks have been the most recognizable on the road.” He continued, “They’re not pretty. But, you know them when you see them.”