Eric Birster Named Tallahassee Division Manager

Eric Birster has been named Tallahassee Division Manager, expanding Bonded Lightning Protection’s presence to commercial and residential clients in the Northern corridor and Southern Georgia. Birster’s 10 years at Bonded Lightning’s Jupiter, Florida headquarters led to his recent promotion. He has worked on several large projects throughout the state, including Hard Rock Stadium and Panorama Tower.

“Eric is hardworking and reliable,” commented Vice President Mike Dillon. “Our northern customers looking to protect their homes and businesses are in good hands with Eric’s first-class customer service.”

As the lightning capital of the United States, Florida experiences more lightning strikes, and lightning-related deaths, than any other state in the U.S. “Lightning protection saves lives, homes, and property,” Eric Birster commented. “We invest in security systems to protect our homes and businesses; an investment in a lightning protection system is just as necessary.”

Eric was born in Auburn, New York and moved to Jupiter, Florida, in 2002. He began as an apprentice at Bonded Lightning in 2007. For over a decade, Eric has developed a deep respect for the power of nature and a passion for protecting people and businesses from the devastating effects of lightning strikes. He can be reached at Bonded Lightning’s Tallahassee office, located at 1505 Capital Circle NW, Unit B or at 850-765-8633.