Florida Rainy Season Begins May 1st | Bonded Lightning Protection Encourages Property Owners to “Double Check”

Bonded Lightning Protection today announced its participation in the Lightning Protection Institute Inspection Program’s national lightning safety initiative, “Double Check.”

Check 1. Have a lightning protection system.
Check 2. Have the system inspected and certified.

Bonded Lightning President Patrick Dillon said every year his team designs and installs systems for homeowners and commercial property owners in the immediate aftermath of damaging lightning events. “Damages range from structure fires to critical interruption and destruction of digital technology and smart and conventional appliances.” Owners often lament having known so little about lightning protection. “They tell me, ‘I would have done this before.’” At an increasing rate owners now say, “I thought I had lightning protection.” And, maybe they do.

“People mistake surge protectors and surge protection for a lightning protection system,” Dillon said. This is compounded by the use of “lightning protection” to describe lots of applications, with most falling far short of a proper system. Dillon continued, “Property owners should demand systems designed and installed by lightning protection professionals.” The system then must be inspected and certified by a third-party. Because a lightning protection system’s performance depends entirely upon the quality of the manufactured components, system design, installation, and suitability, inspection and certification are a must.

Dillon concluded, “What we know is that lightning protection systems work.” And at an approximate cost of less than 1% of a residential or commercial property’s new construction cost, professional lightning protection systems are an economical solution. Bonded Lightning Vice President Mike Dillon added, “They say if you don’t like the weather in Florida, just wait, it’ll change. Lightning’s damage doesn’t change with the weather and it can be financially devastating. Why would anyone wait?” Annually, lightning-related property losses exceed $2 billion dollars with between 3 and 5% of all property and casualty claims involving lightning.

Family-owned and run since 1973, Bonded Lightning’s residential projects are situated in some of South Florida’s most exclusive communities. Its systems and solutions also protect many of Florida’s most recognizable structures, including advanced rocket and spacecraft manufacturer SPACEX, Hard Rock Stadium, Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Marlins Park, Palm Beach International Airport, Miami International Airport, and Miami skyscrapers, One Thousand Museum and Panorama.