Bonded Lightning Protection

Lakeland Lightning Protection Systems

Lightning strikes might seem like a one in a billion chance, but the reality is a lot higher if you live in Lakeland, Florida. Strikes can leave havoc and devastation in their wake, so why not take the time to protect your home, family, or business from them.

Thankfully Bonded Lightning Protection is here to help residents and business owners in Lakeland Florida avoid disaster. If a strike does occur it can carry up to 100 million volts of electricity. That much power in such a quick amount of time has the ability to tear through buildings, explode sturdy walls made of concrete, disturb steel placement, and even ignite fires. Repairing damages from lightning strikes can be enormous and often times overwhelming.

Taking preventative measures with Bonded Lightning Protection and their systems can save your business loss of damage, interruptions to schedule and deadlines, as well as saving personal injury costs. Having a properly installed unit by our UL-listed and LPI certified protection specialists, your risk of damage can be decreased by staggering odds.

If it’s good enough for all Florida Government buildings, schools, hospitals, airports and even the home of the President of the USA….shouldn’t you look into getting one for your business as well.

Now proudly serving Lakeland, Florida and surrounding communities.

So if you live or work in Plant City, Highland City, Kathleen, Gibsonia, Polk City, Combee Settlement, Eaton Par, Mulberry, Bartow, Hopewell, or Lakeland Highlands call our office now for more information: 813-530-0020 and look for one of our Tan Trucks in the area!

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