Bonded Lightning Protection

Lightning Warning Systems

Real time, accurate, actionable information about approaching storms and the lightning they bring provides the opportunity to take proper precautions and to make appropriate preparations.

In open areas, including golf courses, large workplaces, arenas and stadiums, Bonded Lightning’s site-specific solutions are a key element in complete site and facility protection.

lightning warning system effectively monitors cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning within a set radius. It provides signaling, or “warning,” at customized lightning activity thresholds. Data is communicated via a lightning-proof fiber-optic cable to an independent receiver. The receiver highlights system status, caution and alarm indicators, relays and a PC compatible output.

Bonded Lightning’s warning systems provide:

  • Fully automatic alarm triggering with user-set range categories
  • 20-mile detection radius
  • No false alarms – Patented Technology
  • Sensor and communication self-test
  • Battery powered, easily installed sensor
  • Durable fiber-optic communication
  • Lightning-proof data communication
  • Sensor enclosure
  • Lightning Data Receiver with battery-back up
  • Optional Windows®-based display software
  • Simulation Software for training & testing

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