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Lightning Protection System Installed on Hard Rock Stadium

September 8, 2016

Bonded Lightning Protection today announced completion of a lightning protection system on the recently renovated Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida. The stadium is home to the NFL’s Miami Dolphins. Should lightning strike the facility, the stadium lightning protection system installed on the stadium’s new canopy roof diverts lightning’s destructive power safely into the ground, protecting lives, electronic and technological infrastructure.

“South Florida is one of the most lightning prone area in the country,” said Bonded Lighting Vice President Mike Dillon, “Hard Rock Stadium is more susceptible to lightning activity than any other NFL facility….


Kevin Ahearn Named West Coast Division Manager

August 23, 2016

Bonded Lightning has named Kevin Ahearn West Coast Division Manager, expanding resources and the company’s presence to Tampa, Florida. Ahearn’s 31 years at Bonded Lightning’s Jupiter, Florida location led to his recent promotion. In his previous position as Project Manager, Ahearn was responsible for several of the company’s major projects, including Marlins Stadium, Bank Atlantic Center and Palm Beach International Airport.

Vice President Mike Dillon commented, “Kevin has seen it all in his three decades with our company….


Protecting your Home from Destructive Lightning

July 26, 2016

Our Tampa Division Manager, Kevin Ahearn, spoke to FOX 13 News – Tampa Bay about lightning protection and what’s really at stake during a storm.

“It gives lightning the least resistance to ground, so, to carry the strike to the ground will protect the structure,” Ahearn explained. “If the lightning is going to strike, it’s gonna strike here no matter what. But, instead of going through the structure, it’s going to occur above the roof and go up.”…


Bonded Lightning Protection’s New Look – Expands in Florida

July 19, 2016


Bonded Lightning Protection (“Bonded Lightning”) today announced completion of the first significant rebrand in more than 40 years. With origins dating back to 1892, Bonded Lightning was founded in Florida in 1973. The recently completed rebrand encompasses an updated logo, the defining tagline: Protecting People, Property & Assets and the new corporate website

The rebrand included a messaging audit and alignment. Bonded Lightning President Patrick Dillon commented, “The rebrand crystalized our need to shift to messaging that focuses on the benefits of lightning and surge protection.” He continued, “Strip it down to the essence and our work protects lives, property and assets….